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iFilm exclusive report on Iranian ‘Sea Boys’

iFilm English TV releases exclusive report on Iranian movie ‘Sea Boys’ by Afshin Hashemi.

iFilm English TV Channel has released an exclusive report on Iranian movie ‘Sea Boys’ directed by Afshin Hashemi.

iFilm interviewed the director, the producer Behrouz Neshan, and the actress Mahnoush Sheikhi.

The movie is a social drama that takes place in south of Iran; a melodrama starring teenage actors of the south along with prominent actors in cinema and television.

In addition to Sheikhi and the director, the cast list of the movie includes Mona Farjad, Yasin Habibpour, Payam Amir-Abdollahian, Hassan Khaldoun, Ali Bahri, and Aisan Haddad.

The film has participated in some cinematic events, including the Shanghai International Film Festival in China, the Cinekid ScreeningClub in the Netherlands, the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh, and the Chennai International Film Festival in India.