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What is Iran’s Anbaran known for?

The city of Anbaran is a global city of rug (kilims).

The city of Anbaran in Namin County on the border of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan is a global city of rug (kilims).

With a history that dates back to 500 years ago, the rugs that are woven in the city are unique of their kind in terms of quality and authenticity.

The patterns and designs of these rugs are inspired by the simple lifestyle of the locals.

Statistics show that over 50 thousand square meters of rugs are annually produced in the city.

Out of the many rugs woven, some 30 percent is exported to global markets and the 70 percent remaining is sold in the Iranian markets.

Anbaran has been registered as the city of kilim due to its unique designs and shapes.

Anbaran rugs have also received the seal of authenticity from UNESCO.