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Time to relax in Sarein natural hot spring in Iran’s Ardabil

Sarein natural hot spring enjoys a beautiful and lush nature in Ardabil Province in northwest Iran.

Sarein natural hot spring with its beautiful and lush nature annually attracts thousands of people from different parts of the country.

Situated in Ardabil Province in northwest Iran, Sarein has areas where you can find hot springs and famed spas often in scenic environment that fit every traveler’s preference.  

The springs are of mineral origin and they are the most important attractions of Sarein.

It feels quite different to travel to Sarein in each season. Yet, the best time to travel to Sarein and see its attractions is in the last days of spring and summer.

However, if you are not cold-sensitive, you can travel to this area during autumn or early winter and enjoy hot springs in this season.

Besides Sarein hot spring, there are also some popular spas in this city, including:

Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex: Known as the largest hot water complex in Iran and West Asia, the place offers many facilities and has two separate floors for men and women, providing services at the same time.

Dareh Lar Soui Hydrotherapy Complex: The place is recommended to be good for the treatment of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar disc and skin diseases.

Gamish-Goli Mineral Hot Water Pool: It is said to be one of the oldest of its kind in Iran.

If you happen to travel to Sarein, do not forget to taste its traditional dish named Ashe Dough or yogurt soup which is usually made from yogurt drink, chickpeas and vegetables. Moreover, local Kebabs in this area are also very popular and delicious for tourists.

Also, do not miss honey which is produced locally by the beekeepers of the region. The honey of Sarein is renowned for its high quality.