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Child actors featured at Fajr Int'l Film Festival

Fajr Film Festival in Iran hosts ‘In the Arms of the Tree’ that features child actors.

Fajr International Film Festival in Iran hosts ‘In the Arms of the Tree’ that features child actors.

While most movies currently running at the 41st Fajr fest are themed on adults, ‘In the Arms of the Tree’ is a successful exception that has received rave reviews.

‘In the Arms of the Tree’ by first feature director Babak Khajapasha highlights issues that matter for children and young adults.

Here are some photos showing the cast and crew of the film inclusive of the child actors, attending a press conference of Fajr Fest.

The Fajr International Film Festival will run until February 11, 2023 in Tehran in two competitive sections and one non-competitive section.

Priority will be given to films dealing with topics seeking justice, discouraging oppression, arrogance, global terrorism, violence, and extremism, encouraging Islamic awakening, transcendent lifestyle, family, and human rights, highlighting moral, spiritual, and religious teachings, and fighting discrimination.

This year, the domestic and international versions of the Fajr film festival will be once again held as part of one event titled “Fajr International Film Festival” after five editions of separate versions.

The Fajr festival coincides with the Ten-Day Fajr ceremonies across Iran, marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Since its establishment in 1982, the festival has played a vital role in the development of Iranian Cinema.