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Music time with iFilm+: Assalamu Alayk

iFilm+ presents ‘Assalamu Alayk’ by Maher Zain.

As the most popular part of the show, iFilm+ presents various music pieces every Saturday night featuring talented artists.

This time, music lovers can take a listen to a pleasant piece of melody titled ‘Assalamu Alayk’ by Lebanese-Swedish vocalist Maher Zain.

In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the Quranic revelations for the first time during Laylat al-Qadr, the song is a timely reminder to us about the importance of the Prophet to each and every human being, about his role in this existence and about his spiritual reality.

Zain's unique vocal talents and his love for Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also come across in every line of the song.

Watch, enjoy and let’s spread the love of Allah and his messenger.