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A review on ‘Salute to Ebrahim’ film score

Iranian animation series ‘Salute to Ebrahim’ has been focusing on a hero of the Sacred Defense, martyr Ebrahim Hadi.

Iranian animation series ‘Salute to Ebrahim’ has been focusing on a hero of the Sacred Defense, martyr Ebrahim Hadi.

‘Salute to Ebrahim’ produced by Asadollah Dianati and directed by Alireza Fatahi is based on a book of the same name, narrating the life story of an Iranian Sacred Defense hero, Martyr Ebrahim Hadi.

The first season of the series which was broadcast on various channels of the Iranian television was received well by the audiences.

The series will have four seasons depicting the bravery of this soldier of the country.

One of the main strengths of the animation is the score music of the series which made it more effective.

Composed by young Iranian maestro Armin Rahbar, the film score passed through a hard process to be ready for the animation.

Rahbar, as a young orchestra conductor has been in charge of a big music band of famous instrument players to create a masterpiece on Iranian history.

The Best Score winner of 2017 Tehran Animafestival told the iFilm English Website that he has used two general forms of music for this project.

“One type of music, due to the presence of many war and action scenes as well as hand-to-hand combat, I used the general form of modern day orchestral music, which is common in new movies, especially movie trailers,” he said.

“Another type and form that I considered for this project, in terms of its orchestration texture and main melody, is a texture close to Iranian traditional and national music," the pianist commented.

Rahbar emphasized that “Due to the presence of Martyr Ebrahim Hadi as the main character of the series alongside his companions, and more importantly due to the occurrence of this tragedy in the Channel of Komeil, the thirst and hunger they suffered for days and finally the martyrdom of the heroes, I had to make music with a theme that covered this part of the story. On the other hand, it had to express the spiritual sense and sacrifice of the martyrs, having an Iranian theme.”

The young musician noted: “Therefore, for several weeks, I was only looking for the melody and rhythm I wanted on the sheet until I reached the closest melody in my mind. On the other hand, I had another challenge in the arrangement part, to which instruments to choose as a specific solo instrument. Finally, I got to the violin, oboe and piano.”

The animation score composer believes that Iran has the potential to improve story writing and creation of national characters to attract the youth and it is possible to produce attractive tracks suitable for the tastes of the country's teenagers with creativity and innovation in the field of sound music to stand above other countries.

The upcoming seasons of the animation series will be produced in a near future.


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