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iFilm series lineup for upcoming week: part 2

Catch the updates on iFilm TV Channel’s weekly series and plan your TV time.

Catch the updates on iFilm TV Channel’s weekly series and plan your TV time based on your language of choice.

As iFilm offers TV shows in Arabic, Persian and English, its audience have the chance of watching their favorite programs in the language they feel more comfortable with.

In the following, you can see the new additions to iFilm playlist for the coming week, based on the language they are in.

iFilm 2:

This week, the playlist for ifilm2 will be revolutionized as 5 out of 6 series that hit the air daily will come to an end and give their screening slot to 5 new ones.

Two of the new shows that are ‘Hello Mr. Manager’ and ‘The Patriarch’ have already hit the screen since this Saturday. The airtime for the first is 12:30 and for the other one is 13:30 GMT time.

Two hilarious comedy series ‘Under the City Sky 3’ and ‘Capital 1’ are also slated to be televised from Monday, September18 respectively at 14:30 and 16:30 GMT.

This Thursday a magnificent historical drama titled ‘Gildokht’ will be added to iFilm2 playlist. The series that was originally made by iFilm narrates the passionate story of love that brings Golnar and Esmaeil’s heart together amidst the Qajar dynasty’s unrests. You can watch this one every day at 15:30 GMT.

iFilm Farsi:

This Sunday that is September 17 will be a busy day on iFilm Farsi as three new shows will be added to its playlist. ‘Hotel’ (11:30 GMT), ‘For the Last Time’ (13:30 GMT) and the comedy series ‘N.KH’ (17:30 GMT) will be televised.

(**It should be mentioned that the calendar of ifilm 2 and iFilm Farsi are different from ifilm English, with Saturday being the first day of the week.**)

iFilm Arabic:

The playlist for iFilm Arabic will not see any changes and iFilmers can go on watching their favorite shows unchanged.

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