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iFilm movies lineup for upcoming weekend: part 1

Catch latest updates on iFilm TV Channel’s weekend movies.

Catch the latest updates on iFilm TV Channel’s weekend movies and plan your TV time based on your language of choice.

The weekend varies through the sister channels of iFilm English, Arabic, Farsi and iFilm2. Therefore, the end of week falls on Thursday on iFilm2 and iFilm Farsi, Friday and Saturday on iFilm Arabic, and Sunday on iFilm English.

Check the movie titles and their air time based on the language and channel you prefer.


If you pick Thursday for your movie night, you can indulge in watching ‘Nightly Ascension’ at 16:30 GMT this week.

The film depicts the story of a battalion of Iranian forces that is stuck behind an embankment being besieged by the Iraqis. As they are running out of food and water supplies, they have to endure the harsh conditions until the relief forces arrive. Mehdi distributes the remaining food and water and Hamid, the doctor of the group, operates on the wounded on the spot. The situation becomes even direr as the Iraqis hit the embankment with tanks…

iFilm Farsi:

As this weekend coincides with the sacred defense week in Iran, iFilm Farsi is to bring you a war movie titled ‘A Military Base in Hell’ this Thursday, September 21 at 17:30 GMT.

‘A Military Base in Hell’ is about a four-person team under the command of Lieutenant Bai that is picked to destroy the newly built Iraqi base. At the beginning of this mission, the fate of all four people changes and difficult conditions prevail over them.

This film is based on a true story of one of the most important commando operations of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army during the imposed war, called "Eye of the Enemy", which was executed and commanded by Admiral Isa Hosseini-Bai, one of the elite commandos of the navy.

iFilm Arabic:

‘Misunderstanding’ is the title of a movie that is set to hit the air this Friday, September 22, at 19:00 GMT.

It is about a hostage-taking situation; yet as real as it seems, it becomes suspicious to be a misunderstanding or an illusion. But in the context of illusion, elements of reality remain present. The hostage crisis continues as this mystery expands.

On Saturday, September 23, Arabic speaking iFilmers can sit and watch ‘Testimony for God’ that will be sent on air at 19:00 GMT.

In the movie, in a village above the mountains, a man comes back after twenty years to look for his wife and ask for forgiveness for leaving her. He’s on a mission to find forty people to forgive him, but most of the villagers say they won’t forgive him until his wife does. Will he be able to find his wife and ask for forgiveness?

iFilm English:

And finally on Sunday, September 24, ‘We Have a Guest’ will come to you in English.

Tune into iFilm English at 22:00 GMT and watch ‘We Have a Guest’ that is the heartbreaking story of a family dealing with the aftermath of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran and the eight year war which followed. The movie deals with the devastating effects the war had on families and the struggles they go through as they try to come to terms with what has happened to them and the dreams they had.