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Egyptian comedian Bassem Yousef highlights Israel-ISIS comparison

Bassem Youssef has explored the Zionist regime’s actions in Gaza on Piers Morgan’s program.

Famed Egyptian comedian, Bassem Youssef, has explored the nature of the Zionist regime’s actions in Gaza on Piers Morgan’s program.

The video clip included in this piece represents a small segment of a comprehensive interview, during which Bassem provides insightful responses to a range of questions. If you'd like to watch the full video, it is available on the comedian's official social media page.

Youssef poses a vital question saying “I want to understand what is the logic of Israel carpet bombing Gaza? … I mean if this makes Israel safe, I want to hear the logic. So, if they continue bombing, what are they going to achieve? ”.

The TV host responds saying their aim is to “eradicate, wipe out Hamas. They believe that Hamas are living predominantly in northern Gaza. They’re also aware they are living among civilians. So, it’s an incredibly difficult thing…”.

Later in the talk, Youssef nicely paraphrases the host’s words saying, “…Basically Israel is doing this to pressure the Palestinian community in Gaza to turn against Hamas…”.

Youssef rightly concludes that the measures the Zionists are taking are the exact same thing that a terrorist group would do. “A terrorist organization has no chance of beating a whole nation in battle, so they terrorize and kill the civilians in order to spread fear and terror, so they can turn against their government to change their policy or to resign. You just compared Israel with ISIS”, he further explains.

In a later part of his talk, he presents a hypothetical scenario in which he, as an Israeli citizen, engages in a conversation with the Zionist prime minister.

He expresses his concerns, stating, “...I have voted for you; because, you promised us peace and prosperity and security. On the 7th of October, those ... Hamas, they went into defense that is regularly heavily guarded. Usually, if there's a dove coming close to it, it will be shot. Those people went in and they went for 6 hours before IDF forces was deployed killing our friends, our families, kidnapping our grand mothers and babies and went in. I want to ak you Mr. prime minister, after you have fractured the Israeili community and you have... our supreme courts, what are you going to do with the money being given to you, to the United States also you are carpet bombing Gaza with absolutely no regards to our hostages, our people. I heard a rumor...that you let that happen that as an excuse to carpet bomb Gaza."

We hope this interview has inspired you to continue exploring these topics and engaging in thoughtful dialogue.