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iFilm's movie lineup for upcoming weekend: part 10

Catch the latest updates on iFilm TV Channels' weekend movies.

Catch the latest updates on iFilm TV Channels' weekend movies and plan your TV time based on your language of choice.

The weekend varies through the sister channels of iFilm English, Arabic, Farsi and iFilm2. Therefore, the end of week falls on Thursday on iFilm2 and iFilm Farsi, Friday and Saturday on iFilm Arabic, and Sunday on iFilm English.

Check the movie titles and their air time based on the language and channel you prefer.

iFilm English:

Tune into iFilm English TV on Saturday November 18 at 22:00 GMT to watch 'Charlatan' directed by Arash Moayyerian.

The movie that is a fantasy comedy on daydreaming of two young pals tells the story of two young roommates that are grabbling with financial issues.

Behrouz makes end meet by working on his motorbike and Hassan, who is a screenwriter, has sold no script for a long time. The events take a new turn with Hassan going to a film company and starting to describe his new script.


The weekend movie for iFilm2 will be updated here.

iFilm Farsi:

Hassan Aqa-Karimi’s social fantasy movie ‘Trouble’ is set to be aired on iFilm2 on Thursday November 16 at 17:30 GMT.

Qorban is a young man working in a wood carving workshop. He falls in love with a girl that is taking training courses in a tailoring school across from their workshop. The young man that is afraid of being rejected by the girl due to his hair loss; He tries any way possible for his hair to grow again.

iFilm Arabic:

Watch Mohammad-Reza Zehtabi’s ‘A Gift from India’ in Arabic on Friday November 17 at 19:00 GMT.

Hassan is an unemployed young man. He is ready to do anything, even stealing, to make some money. His uncle desperately tries to find him a job, but he manages to get himself fired each and every time. He finally gets lucky when finds a job as an assistant to a merchant. While working for the merchant, he falls for Farangis. Love and success soon follow before things go wrong again.

‘The Exiled’ is the title of the movie that will hit the air on Saturday November 18 at 19:00 GMT.

SAVAK agents arrests a number of political activists and exiles them to a remote prison in the desert. Prison conditions are very difficult and they suffer a lot of harassment. They decide to escape, but the prison officials chase them; yet, in the end they manage to escape by killing the prison warden.