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Chinese director celebrates 'Absence' at Iran Cinema Museum

Chinese director Wu Lang shared insights about Iranian cinema during screening of his film at Iran Cinema Museum.

During the screening of his debut feature 'Absence' at the Cinema Museum of Iran, Chinese director Wu Lang shared his insights about Iranian cinema.

Sculptor-turned-director Lang, who made waves at the Berlin Film Festival with his ‘Absence’, expressed his joy at participating in the 42nd Fajr Int'l Film Festival, highlighting the significance of having his film presented in a historic mansion in Iran.

According to the statements of the museum's public relations as reported by ISNA, Lang, a filmmaker from the Chinese province of Hainan, conveyed his satisfaction with the presence of five Chinese films at this year's festival, showcasing the Chinese film industry and the country's cultural richness.

Serving as both a judge and filmmaker at the Fajr festival, Lang discussed his film's theme of an individual leaving homeland, facing challenges, and returning.

He also expressed a profound interest in Iranian films, particularly admiring 'Where Is the Friend's House?' by Abbas Kiarostami for its symbolic depiction of Iran, fostering international connections.

Acknowledging the lengthy screenplay development for his film, Lang emphasized the importance of portraying life's shortcomings and challenges.

He also highlighted the global relevance of the film's themes, promoting mutual understanding and empathy.

Delighted to have his film showcased at the Cinema Museum of Iran, Lang praised the unique beauty of such cultural institutions, comparing them to those in China.

Responding to a question on making native films for international festivals, he emphasized the significance of a film's meaning and concept over its screening location.

Lang stressed the global language of films, with visuals and sound conveying universal themes. He said, “I am grateful for the recognition of filmmakers worldwide as films play a crucial role in portraying identity and beauty while fostering a better mutual understanding of life.”

Concluding his remarks, Lang expressed his desire for future collaboration, saying, 'I hope the Cinema Museum of Iran will allow me to return next year for a joint film project in this historically significant building.”