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iFilm series lineup for upcoming week: part 21

Catch updates on iFilm TV Channels’ weekly series.

Catch the updates on iFilm TV Channels’ weekly series and plan your TV time based on your language of choice.

As iFilm TV offers shows in Arabic, Persian and English, the viewers have the chance to watch their favorite programs in their fav language.

Check the new additions to iFilm TV's playlist for the upcoming week.


On Monday February 12 at 13:30 GMT, the animated series ‘Shekarestan’ will be premiered on iFilm2.

All stories in this series take place in an old imaginary city. Each part has a different story. The people of Shakrestan play different roles in each part and shape the story according to the dramatic needs of each narrative.

Moment of Twilight’ is the title of another new addition to playlist of iFilm2 this week. The first episode of the show will hit the air on Wednesday February 14 at 16:30 GMT.

The series tells the story of the Vahdat family; a traditional and well-respected family, which endures many hardships and adversities, but manages to overcome them all by always putting family first.

The other new series to be premiered on iFilm 2 is the all-time favorite TV show ‘Cold Fever’. Grab it in Persian language every day at 12:30 GMT, starting from Friday February 16.

Shahab Kianfar is a man on the verge of bankruptcy, despised by his father-in-law. He desperately needs to pull himself out of the situation. When he realizes no other choice is available than to trick his nearest and dearest, he makes a plot that he thinks can surely extricate him from his distressing problem. But before he even sets his plans into motion, he finds himself drowning in a horrific series of events he had not anticipated; events that might eventually destroy what’s left of himself and his broken family.

iFilm Farsi:

iFilm Farsi is set to air ‘Devotees’ every day at 17:30 GMT, starting from Saturday February 10.

It tells the story of the confrontation between two families and the victims are the children of the families.

Farman’ is the title of another series to be premiered on iFilm Farsi from Sunday February 11. Grab the show every day at 11:30 GMT.

This series is a satirical account of the family life of a man named Farman, who does not have much intellectual and personality stability.

On Thursday February 15 at 13:30 GMT, iFilm Farsi is set to air ‘Neighbor's Shadow’.

The daily life of the residents of an old neighborhood is the basis of this television series. Various conflicts occur in the neighborhood, and every time Mirza Nasrollah, who is the elder of the neighborhood, unravels the problems of the neighbors and tries to solve them.

(**It should be mentioned that the calendar of iFilm2 and iFilm Farsi are different from iFilm English, with Saturday being the first day of the week.**)

iFilm Arabic:

On Wednesday February 14, ‘The Doormat’ comedy series will be premiered on iFilm Arabic. Watch the show daily at 16:00 GMT.

'The Doormat' is a comedy about ordinary people who try different ways to deal with problems in their daily lives. Some of them even go beyond and come up with some get-rich-quick ideas. Firooz used to run a carpet washing center but, since it closed down, he’s had a hard time keeping his clients. His brother-in-law, Nosrat, unknowingly gets involved in some illegal activities and creates trouble for his family as well as his neighbors.