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iFilm's movie lineup for upcoming weekend: part 22

Catch latest updates on iFilm TV Channels' weekend movies.

Catch the latest updates on iFilm TV Channels' weekend movies and plan your TV time based on your language of choice.

The weekend varies through the sister channels of iFilm English, Arabic, Farsi and iFilm2. Therefore, the end of week falls on Thursday on iFilm2 and iFilm Farsi, Friday and Saturday on iFilm Arabic, and Saturday on iFilm English.

Check the movie titles and their air time based on the language and channel you prefer.

iFilm English:

iFilm English TV will air ‘In the Storm’s Path’ on Saturday February 17 at 22:00 GMT.

It is about a doctor who goes to a tribal region in order to take care of his brother-in-law. While there, he meets one of the heads of the tribe who oppresses the people. The doctor returns to his city and brings back his brother to fight against the tyranny of the time.


A comedy movie titled ‘The Footballers’ will keep your company on Thursday February 15 at 16:30 GMT.

The film tells the story of the promotion of a first division football team to the Premier League and the problems they face along the way. With the arrival of the Brazilian coach, some problems are multiplied and whatever happens adds up to the chaos.

iFilm Farsi:

Tune in to iFilm Farsi on Thursday February 15 at 17:30 GMT to watch a hilarious comedy movie titled ‘White Dream’.

Reza, a mentally challenged young man has a dream of getting married. His situation, though, won’t allow his dream to come true.

iFilm Arabic:

In the case you wish to watch iFilm’s ‘The Woodpecker’ in Arabic, tune into iFilm Arabic TV on Friday February 16 at 19:00 GMT.

Among the two officers who were responsible for solving a drug case, one gets murdered and leaves his 9-year-old daughter Bita alone in this world. The other officer's efforts to solve this case were unsuccessful and the case is closed. Years later, Bita takes up her father's profession and begins her efforts to solve this old case and arrest the murderers of her family.

The channel is also set to televise ‘Cardboard Hotel’ in Arabic on Saturday February 17 at 19:00 GMT.

Bahram returns to Iran after 14 years to meet his only child. He goes to his ex-wife Homa and realizes that his child has not come home for a long time; they blame each other; they struggle to find their child and learn about his problems.