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List of iFilm series by episode count: Week 7

Review list of iFilm series by episode count.

Review the list of iFilm series by episode count for the seventh week of 2024 and plan your TV time accordingly.

As you begin a new week, you might want to plan your watch list and this guide can help you pick the shows to add to your weekly schedule.

iFilm English TV's playlist will see two changes this week.

On Monday February 12, ‘Sheikh Bahaee’ hits the air at 22:00 GMT.

The series tells the story of Muslim scholar, philosopher, architect, mathematician, astronomer and poet Baha al‐Din Muhammad ibn Husayn al‐Amili, known as Sheikh Bahaee‎‎.

He lived in the late 16th and early 17th century in Iran during the Safavid era. He is considered as one of the co-founders of the Isfahan School of Islamic Philosophy.

‘Sheikh Bahaee’ has been produced by Habibollah Kasesaz and directed by Shahram Asadi. The series reviews two different stages of the title character's life along with the historical context.

On Thursday February 15 at 19:00 GMT, ‘Detective Alavi 1’ series will be premiered on iFilm English TV.

Detective Alavi is an experienced and respected officer at Tehran’s criminal investigation department. He is among only a handful of officers on the force who still relies on police instincts and clues to hunt down fugitives. Follow him as he solves some of the most complicated criminal cases of his time along with the help of his trusted assistant, Lieutenant Doudkar.