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iFilm English TV to air ‘Best Friends’

iFilm’s movie ‘Best Friends’ is to go on air on February 24, 2024.

iFilm English TV’s feature film ‘Best Friends’ is scheduled to go on air on February 24, 2024.

The movie, directed by Alireza Najafzadeh, is about Shapour and Samad, two intimate friends who lose their jobs and houses on the very same day.

They start looking for jobs and end up in a nursing home. However, fate has another twist in store, as the nursing home itself is slated for demolition.

In the meanwhile, Shapour and Samad are missioned to check the home as there has been a rumor about wandering ghosts in the place.

The cast list includes Mehran Ghafourian, Ramin Nasser-Nassir, Saeed Pirdoust, Sahar Zakaria, Nima Shahrokhshahi, Shahrbanou Mousavi, and Hossein Rafiee.

‘Best Friends’, made in 2010, is scheduled to go on air at 22:00 GMT.

iFilm English TV will also repeat the movie the next day at 04:00, 10:00 and 16:00 (all in GMT).