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Rooster crows even in his nirvana; ‘Chicky and the Fox’

Fox’s sweet dream of utopic land turns into nightmare in ‘Chicky and the Fox’.

Fox’s sweet dream of a utopic land full of sunshine, flowers and peace turns into a nightmare when he has to wake up to the crowing sound of Mr. Rooster in ‘Chicky and the Fox’.

As Fox is not a morning person, he has never welcomed Mr. Rooster’s early morning singing, so he has always tried to come up with a plan to get rid of the feathered family once and for good.

In the upcoming edition of the show, our sly friend fabricates a time machine, hoping to send Mr. Rooster, his wife and three kids far away to a remote place, where they can never find their way back home.

Yet, his plan backfires as always and the blue foxy is forced to travel places along with the three chickens.

‘Chicky and the Fox’ revolves around the daily antics of a rooster who lives with his bustling feathered family. Known for his early morning crowing, the rooster's jubilant wake-up calls become a source of annoyance for his fox neighbor.

Fox, determined to catch a few more winks, continuously hatches elaborate schemes to silence the rooster's crow.