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Get to know Danial Hakimi/Dr. Boroumand in ‘Hot Soil’

Get to know the actor behind Dr. Boroumand, the archeologist, in iFilm's ‘Hot Soil’.

If you want to know the actor behind the cool and educated character of Dr. Boroumand, the archeologist, in iFilm English TV Channel’s ‘Hot Soil’, read the following report.

Born in 1963, Danial Hakimi spent his adolescence years following the huge passion he had for sports and arts. As for sports, he tried his hand in the Chinese martial art of Kung fu and for arts he enrolled in Hamid Samandarian’s acting courses, which paved his way to the world of stage acting.

Later at the age of 21, Danial finished his acting courses and took his debut role in a radio play titled ‘Physicist’ directed by Samandarian.

‘Scops Owl’ directed by Hossein Mokhtari was the title of the TV series that marked Danial’s first serious role before the cameras.

In 1991, when he was 27, he took a part in 'Inventor 2001'. His appearance in the flick marked his cinematic debut.

Although it was not the first time he showed up in Iranian households through a series, yet his role in ‘Cherry Orchard’ as a carefree young man who wanted to take over his family’s wealth, made him a national sensation and a figure to remember.

He once again appeared in small screens with 'Asleep and Awake', where he played the role of a police commander who could take down the criminals even with his very bare hands. Of course, his background in Kung fu was of great help to him to make his role more memorable.

The series was dubbed into English some years later and aired on iFilm English TV which made Danial an international figure.

In 2014, a new show titled ‘Freedom’ hit the small screens inviting Iranian families to watch a thrilling action series. The show later was dubbed and aired by iFilm English TV and became a popular title among the viewers.

Danial was not the only Hakimi that had a part in that show. His two children Dana and Daiana also played roles in it.

'A Mother's Song', 'The Gradual Death of a Dream', 'Worlds Apart', and 'My Sky', all aired by iFilm English TV, are only some of the titles he shined in.

These days he is bringing to life the role of a famous archeologist that is busy trying to preserve the remnants of Iranian history at the Bam Citadel.

Through his efforts, iFilm viewers learn a lot about the historical monument of Bam Citadel located in Iran's Kerman Province. The citadel was once destructed in the catastrophic disaster of 2003 earthquake in the city of Bam.