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Kamrani's soul sends cryptic message in 'The Summoning'

In the next episode of 'The Summoning', Minou struggles to choose between her instincts and Kamrani's soul's plea.

In the upcoming episode of 'The Summoning', Minou finds herself torn between her instincts and the compelling plea from Kamrani's soul.

Despite her initial reservations about the soul's intentions, Minou finally gives in to the persuasive force and agrees to facilitate the meeting between Kamrani's soul and Maedeh.

What secrets lie within Kamrani's soul? What enigmatic message would it send to Maedeh?

iFilm English TV airs the series every night at 23:00 GMT and repeats each episode the following day at 05:00, 11:00 and 17:00. 

Directed by Alireza Afkhami and produced by Mahmoud-Reza Takhshid, 'The Summoning' follows the story of two cousins.

They have gone to the north of Iran with two of their friends. When the four girls get together, jealousy arises in the middle and the past grudges erupt on top.

On the cast list are Arash MajidiReza TavakkoliAli DehkordiSaleh Mirza-AqaeeHadi Dibaji, Nasrin Nakisa, Adrina Sadeqi, Minou Azarmgin, Nazanin Hashemi, and Dina Hashemi.

‘The Summoning’, produced in 2020, is comprised of 27 segments.