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Amir Kazemi’s life and career in nutshell

Get to know Amir Kazemi as Mazi in ‘The Graduates’.

Get to know Amir Kazemi, the young talented actor, who comes to you every day as Mazi in ‘The Graduates 2’.

In 1990, Amir was born as the older son in a family of four. The young Iranian actor has a younger brother named Arash.

Amir, later, went to the university to study dramatic arts, however, he couldn’t finish his education and dropped out. It made him one of the stars who pursued his interest in acting outside the academic realm.

He chose a different path to enter the acting arena. Amir took his debut role in ‘Hodhod Bookstore’ when he was 16. Once as he was attending the filming location for the mentioned project to prepare a report for a local gazette, he was offered a role to play in the very last episode of the show by the director Marzieh Boroumand.This sweet incident paved his way to the serious world of acting. Tehn, he was cast to play in a short film titled ‘Duet’.

All of My Children’ was the very first project that he cooperated with as a full time actor and one of its main cast members.

His part in ‘Geraniums’, directed by Soroush Sehhat, turned him into a household sensation nationwide.

The channel’s viewers, however, came to know and appreciate his talent with a role as Maziyar or Mazi in ‘The Graduates 1’ and ‘The Graduates 2’. His performance in the shows won him a nomination for best comedy actor in a supporting role at the 17th edition of the Hafez Awards in Iran.In ‘The Household’ series, Amir was barely recognizable for the viewers because the heavy makeup performed on his face turned him to a very different person.

These days, iFilm fans can also see this young daring actor in another show titled ‘Playmate’.‘In the Color of the Soil’, ‘Seven Stones’, ‘Code White’, and ‘The Special Unit’ are among the titles he has had parts in. Some of them have been aired by iFilm English TV.

Amir Kazemi is also a popular name for the audience of Iranian VOD platforms as he has appeared in a number of shows, including 'The Godfather', ‘Once upon a Time, Mars’, ‘The Island’, ‘Joker’ and ‘Oscar’.In 2011, Amir tied the knot with Mahtab Mohseni, who is in the same line of business as her husband.