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Pouriya Poursorkh: Actors with most TV appearances

Join iFilm English on a journey as we reveal our new series, 'Screen stars: Actors with most TV appearances'.

Let’s embark on a journey with iFilm English as we unveil our latest series, ‘Screen stars: Actors with most TV appearances’, where we shine a spotlight on the actors who have graced iFilm screen the most over the past year.

Our first star is none other than Pouriya Poursorkh, a young talent whose contribution to the world of Iranian television is truly unparalleled.

With an impressive tally of 8 series appearances, including roles in 'Vafa', 'The Redemption', 'Free Fall', ‘Ilda’, ‘Brother’, ‘Of Fate and Destiny’, ‘The Spiritualists’ and 'Shokraneh', Poursorkh's journey to success is marked by his adeptness in portraying a wide array of roles with perfection.

In 'Of Fate and Destiny', he portrays a money-driven character, willing to betray even his own sister.

Conversely, in 'The Redemption', he brings depth to the role of Kaveh, a wounded soul seeking revenge for his late mother's anguish.

His performances as a lover in 'Vafa' and ‘Shokraneh’ are equally memorable, highlighting his ability to portray diverse characters with depth and emotion.

Born on June 25, 1977, in Tehran, Pouriya made his acting debut in 2004 with the series ‘Great Escape’.

From his breakout role in the acclaimed series mentioned above to his memorable performances in movies like ‘Anahita’ and ‘Mr. Alef’, Poursorkh's versatility knows no bounds.

However, it is his prolific presence on the small screen that truly sets him apart, with roles in series such as ‘Day of Envy’ and ‘Matador’.

Join us as we delve into the careers of these screen stars, celebrating their talent, dedication, and the unforgettable characters they bring to life on screen.