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Looks like gloves are off in 'Under the Blade'

The stakes are set to be higher than ever in 'Under the Blade'!

The stakes are set to be higher than ever in 'Under the Blade'!

In the next episode of the series, shocking denials and pretenses could send an innocent man to the gallows. In the meantime, some characters take the gloves off to save him. 

Don't miss any moment of 'Under the Blade' to find out if justice will be served. 

"Mahmoud’s daughter and Jafar’s son are about to marry each other. But Jafar’s older brother Qodrat is strictly against the marriage and tries to persuade his brother to cancel the agreement," a synopsis for the series reads. 

It adds, "Suddenly Mahmoud is fired for allegedly stealing from the factory where he has worked for 20 years. Facing criminal charges, Mahmoud hears a rumor that Qodrat has framed Mahmoud. He talks to Jafar about it, but Jafar refuses to believe anything negative about his older brother. The whole situation leads to tension between the fathers of the soon-to-be newlyweds."

You can catch the series at 22:00 GMT on iFilm.