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'Annie and Manny' animation produced to int’l standards

The Saba Animation Center has announced the production of a new animation series titled 'Annie and Manny'.

The Saba Animation Center, an affiliate of IRIB, has announced the production of a new animation series titled 'Annie and Manny'.

Designed to honor the family and emphasize its importance in education and upbringing of children, the animated series aims to provide moral, social, and behavioral teachings through engaging storytelling.

In an interview with IRIB's public relations office, Mohammad Mehdi Nakhaee, the producer of 'Annie and Manny', emphasized the series' focus on family dynamics and societal interaction.

He said, “'Annie and Manny' series' content is based on the valuable category of family and the interaction of family members with each other and the society in which they live.”

Nakhaee further explained the unique approach of the series compared to other international children's productions. “While there are many foreign examples similar to 'Annie and Manny', our animation stands out due to its native perspective on family structure and child-rearing, updated through the efforts of our content and idea team.”

“Every issue that children need to learn today can be found in 'Annie and Manny'. This collection is useful not only for minors but also for their parents because its educational and experimental content is tangible and understandable for parents,” he added.

The series targets a young audience, using simplified graphic forms and colors that are easy for minors to understand.

“The calm and simplified narration of the stories is one of the attractive features of this collection for the audience,” Nakhaee noted.

With 104 episodes planned across four seasons, 'Annie and Manny' covers a wide range of educational ideas, often involving family participation or educational coaches.

Nakhaee emphasized the importance of music in the series, stating, “One of the strengths of this project is the music section, which has managed to establish a good relationship with minors. The characters of 'Annie and Manny' narrate stories without dialogue, but the music significantly enhances the work's appeal.”

Looking ahead, there is potential for further expansion of the series. “According to new negotiations, there is a possibility of producing four more seasons of this project, and the production team is examining its requirements. We are preparing to increase the number of episodes to 208,” Nakhaee revealed

'Annie and Manny' promises to be a valuable educational resource for children and parents alike, adhering to international standards while offering a distinctly local perspective on family and child-rearing.