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Sobh Int’l Media Festival holds concluding ceremony

The 2nd Sobh Int’l Media Festival holds concluding ceremony in Tehran.

The second edition of the Sobh International Media Festival has held the concluding ceremony in Tehran earlier this week.

It featured artists, international guests, and officials from the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

Mohsen Yazdi, the secretary of the event, opened the ceremony by explaining that the initial plan was to hold the event in a large hall, but due to the untimely death of President Raeisi, the format was changed.

For his part the head of the IRIB Peyman Jebelli said that the event had agreed to have President Raeisi as a special guest at the ceremony, but unfortunately, it missed the opportunity to hear his words.

The head of IRIB also highlighted the story of young Palestinian journalists who have become news anchors in Gaza, broadcasting live to the world. He praised Israa El-Buhaisi, a Palestinian reporter for Al-Alam (Iran's Arabic-language television news network), calling her an embodiment of media resistance in Gaza.

He noted that individuals like her are rare in Gaza and are working tirelessly to raise public awareness about Israel's crimes.

Jebelli emphasized the importance of independent media events like the Sobh festival, saying that they can have very good results. He also noted that despite the challenges faced by independent media outlets, they are still an important part of countering Western imperialism.

Organized by the IRIB World Service and aimed to foster artistic creativity and facilitate positive cultural interactions through various media-related activities, including workshops and seminars, the festival was held on May 17-21.