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Production update: ‘Brother's Life’, ‘The Main Path’

Iranian television is gearing up for an eclectic lineup of series.

Iranian television is gearing up for an eclectic lineup of series and diverse offerings.

The series formerly known as ‘The Battle Tankers’, is renamed ‘Brother's Life’. It is currently being filmed under the direction of Parviz Sheikh-Tadi.

‘Brother's Life’ explores the formation of the 77th Khorasan Armored Battalion.

While details remain scarce, Tasnim News Agency reports that Iraj Mohammadi has been producing the series for three to four months.

Filming is expected to continue until the end of June. Arash Majidi has been cast as the lead actor in the 26-episode series.

Another noteworthy project in production is ‘The Main Path’. It is being directed by Mohammad-Reza Kheradmandan and produced by Akbar Tahvilian.

This series focuses on Professor Hossein Baharvand, a prominent scientist in the field of stem cells.

Filming for ‘The Main Path’ has been underway for several months.

Key actors in it are Amir-Ali Danaee, making a return to television after his previous appearance in ‘The Pahlavi Hat’ directed by Seyyed-Ziaeddin Dorri.

Other notable cast members are Kourosh Soleimani, Zahra Davoudnejad, and Zahra Saeedi.