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'Salman the Persian' set for next filming phase in Shahroud

The sets depicting the childhood of ‘Salman the Persian’ are now ready for filming, said producer.

The producer of the series ‘Salman the Persian’ has announced that the sets depicting the childhood of Salman are now ready for filming.

In an interview with IRNA, Hossein Taheri said the construction of the new sets for Salman's childhood has been completed near the city of Shahroud in Iran’s Semnan Province, adding that production will continue there in the coming days.

Taheri noted that filming of ‘Salman the Persian’ series is currently ongoing at the Ghazali Cinema Town in Tehran.

The sets built in the Shahroud area represent the infancy and childhood of Salman, also known as ‘Ardakhsho’, and will be featured in the "Ancient Iran" season.

The producer emphasized that this set, like the other sets of the series, has been constructed with the best materials and high durability.

Taheri mentioned that filming for the "Ancient Iran" season began last summer in Ghazali Cinema Town and continued through the fall and winter around Shahroud. The production team has now returned to Ghazali Cinema Town.

The producer expressed confidence that, according to the plans, the "Ancient Iran" season will be completed within the next year and a half. During this period, more than 60 new actors will gradually appear before the camera.

According to Taheri, after the completion of the "Ancient Iran" season, the final "Hijaz" season will be filmed.

According to IRNA, the series ‘Salman the Persian’, produced by IRIB at the request of Sima Film Center and made by Zolal Film, is being filmed in three seasons: "Ancient Iran", "Byzantium", and "Hijaz".

Written and directed by Davoud Mirbaqeri, filming began in late 2019. With the completion of the "Byzantium" season, the "Ancient Iran" season is now halfway through production.

So far, actors including Farhad Aslani, Alireza Shoja Nouri, Daryoush Farhang, Mohammad Reza Hedayati, Behnaz Tavakoli, Ehteram Boroumand, Ramona Shah, Ali Dehkordi, the late Changiz Jalilvand, Mehdi Faghih, Mohammad Javad Jafarpour, Alireza Mehran, along with over 40 foreign actors from Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, and Armenia, and about 1,500 local and theatrical actors, have appeared before the camera for this series.

The series ‘Salman the Persian’ is approximately 60 episodes long and is scheduled to be broadcast in 2026.