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Fajr Int’l filmfest announces call for entries

The 43rd Fajr Int'l Film Festival calls for entries.

The secretariat of the 43rd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) has published the call for entries for the national section.

The prominent cinematic event, set to coincide with the 46th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, will take place in Tehran from January 31 to February 10, 2025.

According to the Cinema Organization of Iran (COI), this edition of the gala will present a special award titled "Martyr of the Republic" to the best film that highlights the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and the nation's progress.

The festival, renowned for showing the finest in Iranian cinema, emphasizes values such as humanism, ethics, and spirituality.

The festival's national section aims to celebrate and honor the cultural, artistic, and professional achievements of Iranian filmmakers.

Competitions will be held across several categories, including feature films (Soda-ye Simorgh), debut films (New Look), documentaries, short fiction films, and promotional materials.

The FIFF continues to support ethical, hopeful, and enlightening cinema, providing a platform for creative filmmakers and fostering the growth of works that reflect Iran's national and religious identity.