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Turkish Institute eyes expansion of film ties with Iran

The Turkish Yunus Emre Institute in Tehran is looking to enhance cinematic exchanges with Iran.

The Turkish Yunus Emre Institute in Tehran is looking to enhance cultural and cinematic exchanges with Iran.

In an interview with IRNA, director of the institute Ibrahim Furkan Ozdemir emphasized the importance of strengthening ties between Turkish and Iranian filmmakers through joint activities and co-productions.

"We aim to expand collaborations between Iranian and Turkish cinemas by working with the Iranian Youth Cinema Society," Ozdemir told IRNA on Sunday.

Ozdemir also noted that such joint activities and co-productions can strengthen the bond between Turkish and Iranian filmmakers, fostering cultural exchange and unity.

Established in more than 65 countries, the Yunus Emre Institute engages in cultural activities, including film festivals and workshops.

For more than a decade, the institute has collaborated with Iranian cultural activists, participating in various festivals and events in both countries.

One of its recent collaborations is holding a successful workshop on virtual reality and artificial intelligence in Tehran.

The Yunus Emre Institute also plans to host a Turkish short film festival in Iran and an Iranian short film festival in Turkey.