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iFilm Channel to broadcast Iranian animations dubbed in Arabic

iFilm Arabic will soon broadcast a series of Iranian animations dubbed in Arabic.

iFilm Arabic TV Channel is to soon broadcast a series of distinctive Iranian animations dubbed in Arabic, catering to its young audience.

This initiative comes in response to the numerous requests from viewers for more children's programming.

According to the official iFilm website, the channel's management has begun the dubbing process for several Iranian animations.

The notable works currently being dubbed include ‘The Nobel Men’ (Javanmardan), ‘Bunny Brothers’ (Baradaran Bani), and ‘The Little Neighborhood Explorer’ (Kouchoul Mahaleh), all of which are rooted in Iranian history and culture.

‘The Nobel Men’ narrates an inspiring and educational tale set during the Mongol invasion of Iran.

Despite the weakness of the ruling authority, Iranian generals demonstrate remarkable bravery, instilling a sense of patriotism in young viewers through national, religious, and epic themes.

The professional dubbing team for this animation includes Osama Tinawi, Samer Al-Jundi, Khaldoun Qarout, Basil Al-Rifai, Asaad Sandyan, Munther Fares, Mai Sakr, and Qusai Qudsiyeh.

‘The Little Neighborhood Explorer’ is set in an imaginary locale resembling an Iranian carpet from above.

The animation explores issues relevant to children, teaching valuable life skills through the adventures of its young characters.

This series is currently being dubbed by artists such as Asaad Sandyan, Hiba Snobar, Raada Al Khatib, and Alaa Khader.

‘Bunny Brothers’, a collaborative production between Iran and Russia, follows the adventures of three rabbits living in a castle inherited from their ancestors.

Each episode presents a new challenge that the rabbits must overcome. The dubbing team for this series includes Qusay Qudsiyeh, Lina Dawa, Amer Abu Hamed, and Fadi Al Shaer.

Additionally, iFilm English Channel will soon add these animations and many more to its lineup, expanding the reach of these culturally rich and educational stories to a broader audience.