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Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian cinema

Let’s get updated with latest and greatest events in Iranian cinema.

Let’s get updated with the latest and greatest events in Iranian cinema industry during the last week.

Iranian-French short animation ‘The Musician’ (Le Musicien) is awarded at the Tribeca Film Festival in the US. Directed by Reza Riahi, the 15-minute short film was awarded the Best Short Animation at the 20th edition of the US event.

‘The Musician’, a narrative of love, war and hardships, is about a musician and his beloved that have fallen apart due to a cruel attack on their land. When the Mongols attack Iran, the musician gets robbed of his beloved. Around 50 years later, he is invited to the court where his love is kept to play his instrument.

The 8th edition of the Fine Arts Film Festival in the US has awarded Iranian titles ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Sheep Will Devour Us’. The Women’s Voices Award went to ‘Sheep Will Devour Us’ directed by Mostafa Rostampour and Atefeh Rezaeean from Iran and ‘I Lived Once’ by Marwah AlMugait from Saudi Arabia. The US event also presented the Best Short Narrative to ‘Cocoon’ by Yavar Darehzami from Iran and ‘The Speech’ by Haohao Yan from China.

‘Sheep Will Devour Us’ is about a woman named Tahereh, who is a victim of very young age marriage. She, who has suffered the aftermath of such a tradition, is trying hard to avoid such a destiny for her younger sister.

‘Cocoon’ is about a short man who makes artificial limbs for himself and grows tall. Coming out of his house, every other one seems short in comparison to him.

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