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Minimalist Photography Awards 2021 honors Iranian artists

The Minimalist Photography Awards 2021 honors several Iranian artists.

The Minimalist Photography Awards 2021 has honored several Iranian artists.

Winners in the 12 categories of the competition, organized every year by the black & white Minimalism magazine, were announced recently.

Australian photographer, Allen Koppe, was selected as the photographer of the year.

Iranian photographers Mohammad-Reza Masoumi, Vahid Qasemi-Zarnousheh, Amir-Hossein Yousefi-Keysari, Sara Goli, Ali Zolqadri, Hamid-Reza Helali, Fatemeh Pezeshki-Moqaddam, Shervin Khan-Mohammadi, Ali Tehrani, Mani Gholamshahzadeh, Amir-Ali Meighani, Elyas Haqiqat, Setareh Sanjari, Hesameddin Baqeri, Mohtaram Sadrozzakerin, Asef Azimaee, Javad Rezaee- Salanqouch, and Milad Jalilian won honorable mentions at the competition.

The members of the jury were Nick Moore, Aula Tognarelli, Peter Ibsen, Craig Whitehead and Milad Safabakhsh.

The Minimalist Photography Awards is a non-profit association which aims to recognize, reward and expose talented photographers all around the world and introduce them to the professional photography industry.

Here are some of the honored photos.

Ali Tehrani:


Amir-Ali Meighani:


Amir-Hossein Yousefi-Keysari:


Asef Azimaee:


Elyas Haqiqat:


Fatemeh Pezeshki-Moqaddam:


Hamid-Reza Helali:


Hesameddin Baqeri:


Javad Rezaee-Salanqouch:


Mani Gholamshahzadeh:


Milad Jalilian:


Mohammad-Reza Masoumi:


Mohtaram Sadrolzzakerin:


Sara Goli:


Setareh Sanjari:


Shervin Khan-Mohammadi:


Vahid Qasemi-Zarnousheh: