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Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian cinema

Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian art of cinema.

Let’s get updated with the latest events in Iranian art of cinema during the past week.

Iranian actress Zhaleh Dorostkar won the best actress award at the October edition of the South America Awards-International Bimonthly Cinema Festival. She won the Best Actress of the Narrative Short Film Award at the American film event for ‘Motherhood’, a short film by Alireza Pirband.  

‘Motherhood’ depicts excerpts from the life of a young mother who struggles for the future of her baby girl in the streets of Tehran. Amir Eskandar, Hani Salehi, and Dara Heydarian are on the cast list of the film.

The International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig) in Germany awarded Iranian animation ‘Fourth Wall’. Written and directed by Mahboubeh Kalaee, the Iranian flick won the award for best animation “Mephisto 97.6 Award” at the 64th edition of the German event.

In the 10-minute animation, home and family, relationships, desires, wishes and everything are summarized in a kitchen. A stuttering boy is alone playing with his imaginations.

“A  stuttering  boy  transforms  an  Iranian  kitchen  into  a  fantastic  cosmos.  The father’s body becomes a refrigerator, the mother’s belly a washing machine whose spin cycle gives birth to a screaming baby. Even birds on tiles and detergents have a surprising life of their own. This exuberant animation, dotted with real-life elements – fried eggs, broken plates, chess pieces – develops a subtle wit, ironizing ingrained family patterns,” a synopsis for the animation reads.

The Sguardi Altrove International Women's Film Festival in Italy awarded Iranian short flick ‘Good Girl’. Written and directed by Raheleh Karami and produced by Mani Qandi, the short film won the special award at the 28th edition of the Italian event.

‘Good Girl' is not an ordinary short film with a short narrative of subdued and unspoken hatred; silence and breaking from within. The film depicts the story of a girl who is forced to remain silent to protect the reputation of her family. The cast list of the short film includes Behzad Khalaj, Shaqayeq Faryad-Shiran and Mobina Azadi.

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