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Let’s watch iFilm’s ‘Operation 125 (2)’ trailer

Let’s watch trailer of iFilm TV’s series ‘Operation 125 (2)’.

Let’s watch a trailer of iFilm English TV’s series ‘Operation 125 (2)’.

Directed by Mohammad-Reza Ahanj, the second season of ‘Operation 125’ follows the story of its first season and shows a group of young men, all from different walks of life with their own trials and tribulations, but all with one goal in mind, to become firefighters.

Their families and finances challenge their resolve, but they are determined to make it work.

Reza Tavakkoli, Abdorreza Akbari, Atila Pesyani, Mehdi Aminikhah, Mehrdad Ziaee, Omid Zendegani, Nafiseh Roshan, Mohammad Omrani, Mojtaba Rajabi, Akram Mohammadi, Shabnam Qolikhani, Ahmad Najafi, Rahim Norouzi, Iman Safa, Kaveh Khoda-Shenas, Afshin Sangchap, Farahnaz Manafi-Zaher and Ali Osivand are among the cast members of the series.

Don’t miss the first episode from the second season of ‘Operation 125’ tonight at 20:00 GMT.