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Let’s watch iFilm’s ‘Longest Night of the Year’ trailer

Let’s watch trailer of iFilm TV’s weekend movie ‘Longest Night of the Year’.

Let’s watch a trailer of iFilm English TV’s weekend movie ‘Longest Night of the Year’.

The movie, produced by Ali-Akbar Karimi, written by Pedram Karimi and directed by Manouchehr Hadi, is about Rahim who has come to Tehran from a village near Tabriz to find a suitable job.

He has come during the winter solstice. When his wallet gets stolen, he will have to figure out how to survive the longest night of the year without any money or identification.

The cast list of the movie includes Reza Davoudnejad, Yekta Nasser, Hossein Abedini, the late Sediqeh Kianfar, the late Ali Soleymani, and the late Nasser Gitijah.

Don’t miss ‘Longest Night of the Year’ tonight at 22:00 GMT.