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A look back at iFilm interview with Jafar Dehqan

iFilm English website has published an exclusive interview with Iranian actor Jafar Dehqan.

iFilm English website has published an exclusive interview conducted years back with Iranian actor Jafar Dehqan.

Renowned Dehqan is known for his compelling speaking voice and for his numerous roles as historical figures and famous literary characters.

In the interview with iFilm, Dehqan recalled memories from ‘The Men of Angelos’ (1998) series shooting.

“The series was made in two seasons. One covered the period before the 300 years of sleep and the other covered the era afterwards. Therefore, the set design of the present time had to be so much different from what was meant to show 300 years later, “ Dehqan explains.

As for his role, he was the one who had fallen asleep for 300 years so he had to show in his character and acting the depth of the astonishment and concern caused by that long sleep.

In order to do that, “I came to the conclusions that one of the major elements which would make my acting look more plausible and believable was the set design itself,” adds Dehqan.

The veteran actor, who secured his position as the premiere historical character actor in Iran cinema, elaborates how he figured out a way to be able to perform his role in the best way possible.    

Jafar Dehqan began his acting career in theater in 1975.

In 1981, he made his film debut in 'Justification' directed by Manuchehr Haqaniparast.

Dehqan's performance in 'The Majnoon Epic' (1993) earned him a Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor in a Supporting Role from the Fajr International Film Festival.

He is known internationally for his staggering contribution to projects like 'Prophet Joseph' and 'The Rise of Mokhtar'.