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iFilm TV pays tribute to Iranian actress Behnaz Jafari

Let’s explore artistic life and career of famous Iranian star Behnaz Jafari.

Let’s explore the artistic life and career of famous Iranian star Behnaz Jafari, an actress iFilmers know for numerous roles she played, including Abr-Pari in ‘The Water Fairy’.

Life has never been a piece of cake for Jafari, as she had to gain her financial independence early on as a teenager when she earned her pocket money selling sketches. However, the ups and downs did not come in the way of her burning passion for acting.

Born in 1974, Jafari went through what it takes to become a cinema star and a popular actress with Iranian households.

She took her early courses of acting at the Children’s Art and Literature School when she was so young. Later, when she started her high school years, she took some lessons with some of the bests in acting arena, including Roya Teymourian and Golab Adineh.

When she was only 19, she took her first serious role in a play titled ‘Sultan Snake’ directed by Golab Adineh.

Behnaz studied Dramatic Literature in the Islamic Azad University.

In 1994, she started acting in cinema with a small role in the movie ‘Blue Scarf’, which was a priceless experience for the then young and novice actress, as the movie had great artists such as Ezzatollah Entezami in its cast.

The film was only the beginning for much more experiences to come for the young star. She made her mark in many other theatrical works, including ‘Golden Tooth’, ‘Horses’, ‘Story of a Staircase’, and ‘Bernard is Gone’, only to name a few.

iFilmers know Jafari from a plethora of the roles she has played in the TV series that have been aired on the channel.

The kind, sweet and generous fairy that is looking for a way to save her younger sister from the hideous beast of the drought in ‘The Water Fairy’ was not such a gentle soul in ‘A Mother’s Sacrifices’, where she was a greedy woman, who left her own child at birth.

iFilm fans might have even hated her when she mistreated the orphan kids as the dean of the orphanage in ‘Little Engineer’. Her penniless ailing condition in ‘5-Star’ prompted our viewers to feel sad for her.

Her acting talent is what made the viewers believe all the roles she played and made them feel all the spectrum of sensations.

Jafari has also played roles in movies such as ‘Fire and Water’ (2000), ‘A Passenger to Rey’ (2000), ‘Kandelous Gardens’ (2004), and ‘A Time for Love’ (2007).

She won a Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress in a Supporting at the 20th Fajr International Film Festival for her role in ‘A House on the Water’ (2001).

‘The President's Cell Phone’ (2011) earned Jafari a Diploma of Honor for Best Actress at the 30th Fajr International Film Festival.

Here are some of her different makeup looks for the roles she played at some VOD series, such as 'Blue Nissan' and 'My Deer Maral'.

During the last years, this nationwide popular star has been suffering from MS, so join us and put her up in your prayers and wish for her fast recovery.