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iFilm to wave goodbye to ‘The Sweet Passion’

iFilm English TV is to air finale for ‘The Sweet Passion’ on Tuesday night.

iFilm English TV Channel has been set to air the final episode of Iranian mini-series ‘The Sweet Passion’ on Tuesday night.

The final episode of the series, produced by Ebrahim Asghari and directed by Javad Ardakani, will be aired on April 2, 2024.

It tells the story of Mahmoud Kaveh, a martyred Iranian commander, trying to free Bukan City in Iran’s Kurdistan Province during the war.

The cast list of the series includes Hamid-Reza Ammarlou, Mohammad-Javad EzzatiReza RouygariShabnam Qolikhani, and Ahmad Najafi.

The mini-series ‘The Sweet Passion’, produced in 2009, will be replaced by the remaining episodes of ‘The Graduates’ made by Soroush Sehhat.