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Honoring legacy of ‘The Redemption’ deceased cast

Let’s take a moment to remember ‘The Redemption’ deceased actors.

As we watch the 2010 series ‘The Redemption’ on iFilm, let’s take a moment to remember three remarkable actors in the world of Iranian cinema and television.

Although they are no longer with us, their performances continue to entertain and inspire viewers around the world.

Abbas Amiri-Moqaddam

Born in 1950, Amiri-Moqaddam first appeared in the series ‘Forest Uprising’ and later in the movie ‘Fire in Winter’ (1984).

Known for his memorable roles, including the priest of the Temple of Amun in ‘Prophet Joseph’ (2008), Amiri-Moqaddam proved his versatility with performances in series and films such as ‘Imam Ali’ (1997-1998) and ‘The Rise of Mokhtar’ (2010-2011).

He passed away in an accident in 2011.

Atila Pesyani

Born in 1957, Pesyani debuted in the movie ‘White Death’ (1983) and became a prominent figure in both cinema and television.

Pesyani appeared in acclaimed films such as ‘Ceasefire’ (2005 and 2014) and series like ‘The First Night of Peace’ (2006).

He received nominations for the Best Supporting Actor Golden Statue and Crystal Simorgh awards for the Best Leading Actor at the Fajr International Film Festival.

Pesyani passed away in October 2023 due to cancer.

Shahram Abdoli

Born in 1977, Abdoli began his acting career on stage as a teenager.

Known for playing villainous roles, Abdoli starred in numerous TV series such as ‘The Red Line’ (2001), ‘Worlds Apart’ (2010), and ‘The Mystery of the Shah’ (2015).

He also appeared in several movies, including ‘Girl in a Cage’ (2002) and ‘Invitation’ (2008).

Sadly, he passed away in February 2023.

As we enjoy their performances in ‘The Redemption’, let us remember and appreciate the contributions these three actors made to the world of Iranian cinema and television. May their souls rest in peace.