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Rahim sells his share of the house in ‘The Graduates 2’

Rahim sells his share of the house in iFilm’s ‘The Graduates 2’.

Rahim sells his share of the house in the second season of iFilm English TV Channel’s ‘The Graduates’.

He has sold his half of the house. Now, the buyer wants to go inside to see the house.

Rahim says he has sold his share of the house because they don’t let him sleep there.

Don’t miss the sixteenth episode of the second season of ‘The Graduates’ tonight at 18:00 GMT. It will be repeated the next day at 00:00, 09:00 and 15:00.

Directed by Soroush Sehhat, the series tells the humorous story of three university graduates who are struggling to find their ways in life.

Masoud is still dealing with his financial hardships to hold a wedding ceremony and start living his marital life with Taraneh.

Maziar is still eager to immigrate and live abroad. His parents are separated and his father is a drug addict.

Habib is still a wealthy boy who depends on his parents in all aspects of life. He still wants to find the girl of his dreams and get married.

Houtan Shakiba, Amir Kazemi, Matin Sotoudeh, Kazem Sayyah, Ezatollah Mehravaran, Behnam TashakkorMehran RajabiAmir-Hossein RostamiRoya MirelmiBijan Banafsheh-Khah, and Afshin Sangchap are on the cast list.