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Saeed Nikpour's artistry in Iranian Cinema: iFilm cut from ‘House of Outsider’

Saeed Nikpour is an Iranian actor who shines brilliantly in Iranian cinema.

In the vast and alluring realm of Iranian cinema, there is one name that shines brilliantly, leaving an everlasting impression on the hearts of countless viewers - Saeed Nikpour.

Born in 1945 in the ancient Iranian city of Shahr-e Rey, Nikpour's journey as an actor began amidst the pages of Shakespeare and the appeal of Schiller plays, back when he was a high school student.

A passionate flame for the dramatic arts burned fiercely within him, and in 1985, while still a student, he set forth on a collaboration with veteran Iranian actors Sorayya Qasemi and late Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, marking his first professional performance in theater.

From that point on, there was no looking back. For nearly three decades, Nikpour's brilliance graced the TV screen, either in acting roles or in his skillful directorial ventures.

His list of achievements reads like a love letter to the world of entertainment - a virtuoso who morphed into Sattar Khan, stirring emotions as Malek o-Shoara Bahar in 'Shahriyar', embodying the soul of Mirza Hassan Irani in the unforgettable 'In the Eye of the Storm', and embracing the iconic Amir Kabir in the series that he himself directed.

Nikpour’s cinematic voyage didn't stop at the small screen. The silver screen called, and Nikpour answered the call with passion.

In a series of masterful performances, he graced the silver screen with movies such as 'The Long Shadows of Wind', 'The Fateful Day', 'The Final Stage', 'The Visitor of Rey', 'Plans to Meet', 'City of Chaos', 'God is Near', 'Private Life', and 'Prowl in Azure City'.

Yet, his journey continues, and the current chapter finds him adorning iFilm's stage every night at 19:00 GMT with 'House of Outsiders', where he portrays the intriguing character of Mohammad Ali Foroughi.

As we immerse ourselves in the world of Iranian cinema, we bow in admiration to the one and only Saeed Nikpour - an actor, a director, and an eternal source of inspiration for generations to come.