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Ladies shoot guys in ‘My Sky’

Ladies shoot guys in iFilm’s ‘My Sky’.

Ladies shoot guys in iFilm English TV’s social drama ‘My Sky’.

When a couple of hijackers attempt to take over a plane, the in-flight security officers traveling on the aircraft show up.

They’re there with the purpose of protecting that aircraft and its occupants against acts of unlawful interference. But don’t worry at all, this is not what it seems!

Don't miss the fifth episode of the 29-part action series on iFilm TV tonight at 19:00 GMT, or better yet you can watch it now via the channel’s website.

‘My Sky’, directed and produced by Mohammad-Reza Ahanj, is an action drama.

The series touches on the hardships and the selfless acts of aviation security teams in Iran in order to ensure safe flights for passengers and crew.

In the series, different incidents require a good deal of devotion, courage, and above all, experience on the part of the security staff.

Cast list of the series includes Amir AqaeeElham CharkhandehAtila PesyaniAmir-Hossein ModarresDanial Hakimi, Amin Hayaee, Pejman Bazeghi, Hamed Behdad, Hassan Pourshirazi, Ahmad Najafi, Rahim Norouzi, and Farhad Jam.