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Suspicion reaches new heights: iFilm cut from 'Solace of the Heart’

In the 28th episode of iFilm's 'Solace of the Heart’, Yalda's actions push Behzad's suspicion to new heights.

In the 28th episode of iFilm's 'Solace of the Heart’, set to air at 20:00 GMT tonight, Yalda's actions push Behzad's suspicion to an all-time high.

As Yalda quietly slips out of their home accompanied by her uncle, the atmosphere thickens with intrigue.  

Behzad follows them discreetly while the duo stops at a building, leaving Behzad questioning the reason for their visit.

What lies within those walls, and what are Yalda and her uncle plotting?

Co-produced by Mehran Maham and Iraj Mohammadi, and directed by Hossein Soheilizadeh, 'Solace of the Heart’ is about Rana's relentless search for her missing daughter.

Her life takes a sharp turn when she receives a call from a woman named Yalda, who claims to possess her daughter's necklace.

Initial assumptions lead everyone to believe that Yalda could be the long-lost daughter. However, the unfolding mysteries of Yalda's past gradually reveal the potential to unravel deep-seated family bonds.

The ensemble cast features renowned talents such as Shahin TaslimiAbdolreza AkbariShahrokh EstakhriMohammad HatamiFariba KosariSiavash KheirabiParviz Fallahipour, the late Zohreh Fakour-SabourSahar Qoreyshi, and Samaneh Pakdel.

Airing daily at 20:00 GMT, 'Solace of the Heart’, originally made in 2009, is comprised of 35 segments.

For those who miss the prime time screening, iFilm English will re-broadcast each episode the following day at 01:00, 07:00, and 12:00.