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iFilm English to air finale for ‘Building No. 85’

iFilm English TV is to air finale for ‘Building No. 85’ on Saturday night.

iFilm English TV Channel has been set to air the final episode of ‘Building No. 85’ on Saturday night.

The final episode of the series, directed by Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, is aired on March 23, 2024, at 21:00 GMT.

‘Building No. 85’ revolves around a notorious group of criminals living in the building.

They all find themselves in danger when a skeleton is found inside the wall of the parking lot.

The investigator and residents of the building are constantly baffled as a mystery unfolds.

The flick has been made with a great cast list, including Ammar Tafti, Mahmoud Pakniyyat, Nafiseh Roshan, Roya Nonahali, Leila Barkhordari, Amir-Reza Delavari, Lida Abbasi, Asha Mehrabi, Mehdi Miami, Mohsen Afshani, Bahram Ebrahimi, Saed Hedayati, and the director.

‘Building No. 85’, produced in 2010, will be replaced by the series ‘Hot Soil’.