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Fateful confrontation in ‘The Redemption’

Tonight in iFilm's ‘The Redemption’, Khojasteh confronts Mr. Shayesteh.

Tonight in iFilm's ‘The Redemption’, Khojasteh confronts Mr. Shayesteh about her missing husband.

Unaware of her husband's whereabouts, Khojasteh pleads for information. However, Mr. Shayesteh sternly rebuffs her, warning her not to play games with him.

As Shayesteh prepares to leave, Khojasteh's words send shockwaves through him.

Could this revelation change Mr. Shayesteh's perspective and lead to a breakthrough in the search for Khojasteh's missing husband?

Tune in at 23:00 GMT to witness the dramatic showdown in the third episode of ‘The Redemption’.

iFilm English TV will also repeat each episode of the drama the next day at 05:00, 11:00, and 17:00.

The series, written by Saeed Nematollah and directed by Sirous Moqaddam, tells the story of hatred, revenge, betrayal and greed.

In the series, Parviz Shayesteh is a man who has lost eight billion tomans but puts the blame on his employee, Ahmad-Reza.

Ahmad-Reza is now missing and when his wife, Khojasteh comes to Tehran looking for him, she refuses to believe that her beloved husband could be capable of doing so.

She meticulously follows up on every single lead to prove that her husband is innocent.

As the story unfolds, Khojasteh finds herself in the middle of a vicious game which now threatens her own life and those close to her.

Abbas Amiri MoqaddamAnahita AfsharAtila PesyaniShahram AbdoliPouriya PoursorkhLinda KianiArash MajidiNafiseh RoshanAbbas GhazaliSaba KamaliKaveh Khoda-ShenasAfshin Sangchap, and Maryam Soltani make the cast list of the series.