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Enemy soldier frees Salar in ‘Ilda’

In the twenty second episode of ‘Ilda’, enemy soldier frees Salar.

In the twenty second episode of iFilm English TV Channel’s ‘Ilda’, an enemy soldier frees Salar.

The enemy forces have captured Salar. Since he doesn’t answer their questions, one of the enemy officers, Jaber, orders his soldiers to kill and bury Salar.

The soldier in charge of shooting and burying Salar is Yasin, the son of Taleb. He shoots the bullet near Salar’s head and frees him to go back home.

Written by Noushin Pirhayati, produced by Seyyed-Alireza Sabt-Ahmadi and directed by Rama Qavidel, each episode of the 25-part series is aired daily at 21:00 GMT and repeated the next day at 02:00, 06:00, and 13:00.

‘Ilda’ tells the story of the bravery shown by locals of Iran’s Lorestan Province during the Iraq-Iran war (1980-1988).

In the series, elders of two tribes in Lorestan are holding negotiations to resolve their mutual challenges and hardships.

In the meanwhile, Iraq is getting ready to attack Iranian borders and start a war.

So, the elders make a decision to leave the challenges and hardships behind and unite to defend the homeland against the mutual enemy.

The cast list of the series includes Jafar Dehqan, Pouriya Poursorkh, Ava Daroit, Majid Mozaffari, Fatemeh Goudarzi, Ali Dehkordi, Kourosh Soleymani, Sina Razani, Mehdi Sabaee, Khosrow Shahraz and Mina Norouzi.