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Located inside Razi Park in southern Tehran, Razi Cultural Center offers patrons plenty of recreation, culture, sport and a lot more.

The aim of the cultural center is to bring families together and help people who visit the park improve in terms of different cultural aspects.

The Razi Cultural Center includes a library, educative sections, art galleries, sport sections, sport grounds and artificial turfs.

Razi Park offers multiple sports grounds, including four football pitches, a running track, fitness equipment by the track and a mosque featuring exquisite Iranian architecture.

Razi encloses a 3 hectares artificial lake, offering the opportunity to contemplate beautiful scenery, go peddling or even fishing inside the park.

A light house is located in the middle of the park, by the artificial lake, from which the whole park is watchable in addition to other parts of the city.

Established in 1997, Razi Park is located near one of the old gates of Tehran City and it covers 25 hectares in total.


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