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Rostam Castle stands as the largest of its kind in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan & Baluchestan.

Located near the city of Zabol, the castle from the Islamic era is named after Rostam – one of the greatest legendary heroes of the Sistan region.

The most important architectural marks of Rostam Castle include its entrance gateway, watchtowers, moat and royal court as well as residential areas.

Among its ancient structures, the entrance gates and 14 watchtowers are still standing tall but parts of the castle have been collapsed due to changes in the nearby river’s course.

Located 70 kilometers off Zabol-Zahedan Road, the castle experienced its most glorious days during the Kiani reign in the Safavid era.

Archeological explorations have also unearthed pieces of enameled pottery at the castle, which witnesses its long history.

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