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A blogger has written about experiences that one should not miss while visiting Iran.

Visiting Iran is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the blogger asks the reader to have the following seven experiences during their visit.


Buy bread right from the oven and have it with cheese and fresh veggies

Iranians take pride in their unique flat breads. The breads come in different types and shapes such as Barbari, Sangak, Taftoon and Lavash.

Have a picnic

The author explains Iranians are experts when it comes to picnics and rather than taking sandwiches with cans of soda, they take huge pots of hot meal with salads like a feast.

Sleep in a caravanserai

In the old times in Iran, caravanserais functioned as sleeping places for merchants and travelers.

Nowadays, many of these caravanserais have been converted to motels accommodating tourists.

Visit a mosque at prayer’s time

Iranians have built some of the most beautiful architectural monuments in the world and their artistic capacities are manifested best in the mosques they have built.

These mosques are known for their amazing tile works with an awe-inspiring blue color.

Test your singing skills under the Khaju Bridge

The central city of Isfahan is famous for its magnificent bridges and one of them, called Khaju, invites people to sing under it in the afternoon.

Dizi on a weekend

One of Iran’s favorite meals and one of the country’s oldest recipes, Dizi or Abgoosht, is mashed meat with chickpeas, onion and potatoes.

Visit a Zoorkhaneh

Zoorkhaneh (literally the ‘house of strength’ or ‘power house’ in Persian) is a place where an ancient version of training or wrestling practiced in Iran for centuries is trained.


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