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Sneak peek of much-awaited ‘Setayesh 2’

iFilm website publishes sneak peek of Iranian series ‘Setayesh 2’.

Website of iFilm English TV Channel has published sneak peek of its brand new Iranian series ‘Setayesh 2’, debuting tomorrow night.

Finally the good news; the sequel to the popular series ‘Setayesh’ will come to you on Tuesday night.

In the sequel, son of Taher and Setayesh is looking for a decent job, while her mother is managing her own successful business in northern Iran.

Following his dreams to find the decent job, the son meets his grandpa for the first time after a very long while. Yet they do not know each other and the meeting is not really warm!

Don’t miss the first episode of ‘Setayesh 2’ on Tuesday at 21:00 GMT.