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A portrait of Iranian director Bahram Tavakkoli

Let's delve into the life and work of a remarkable filmmaker named Bahram Tavakkoli.

Bahram Tavakkoli is a renowned Iranian filmmaker celebrated for his remarkable contributions to both cinema and television.

Some of his most significant creations include ‘The Lost Strait’ and ‘Here Without Me’. Tavakkoli started his cinema journey as a director in 2000, making his mark with 'Red Intellect' and collaborating with talents like Mitra Dehghan and Alireza Salamian.

In 2017, he dedicated himself to both cinema and television, shining brightly with ‘The Lost Strait’, a film he directed and wrote. This showcased his exceptional skills and brought him recognition in the cinematic world. His collaborations with renowned actors like Javad Ezzati, Mehdi Pakdel, Amir Jadidi, and Ali Soleymani elevated his work to new heights.

Tavakkoli's contributions extend to television as well, with his involvement in the TV series ‘The Standard Patient’ in 2016, working alongside Saeed Aghakhani and other prominent actors.

While Tavakkoli is primarily known as a writer, he has excelled in various roles in the industry, including directing, editing, and design. His notable directorial works include ‘Gholamreza Takhti’, ‘I Am Diego Maradona’, ‘Stranger’, ‘Shallow Yellow Sky’, ‘Here Without Me’, ‘Wander in the Fog’, ‘Bare Feet in Paradise’, and ‘Red Intellect’. He has also made significant contributions in editing and design, including the film ‘Red Intellect’ and the TV series ‘Blue Whale’.

Tavakkoli has received recognition at various film festivals. In 2017, he won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Director at the 36th Fajr Film Festival for ‘The Lost Strait’. He was also nominated for Best Director in the 25th Fajr Film Festival for ‘Bare Feet in Paradise’ in 2006 and received a nomination for the Honorary Diploma for Best Director at the 33rd Fajr Film Festival for ‘I Am Diego Maradona’ in 2014.  

One remarkable aspect of Tavakkoli's career is his active involvement in both television and cinema. While predominantly acknowledged as a screenwriter for the film industry, around 90% of his projects have been in cinema, with the remaining 10% in television.

May Bahram Tavakkoli continue to achieve great success and bring forth many more outstanding works in the future.

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