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Amir-Ali dies in ‘The Hidden Secret’

Amir-Ali dies in iFilm English TV’s ‘The Hidden Secret’.

Amir-Ali dies in iFilm English TV Channel’s ‘The Hidden Secret’.

Now, there is no one to put Faramarz in prison. But he is so upset about what happened that he keeps seeing Amir-Ali in his dreams.

“Do all the good that you can. Be good to companions. Try to be a good person and help others. Because when you help someone, you make me happy,” Amir-Ali tells Faramarz in one of his dreams.

Don’t miss the eighteenth episode of ‘The Hidden Secret’ tonight at 19:00 GMT.

iFilm English TV will also repeat each episode of the series the next day at 03:00, 08:00, and 14:00.

‘The Hidden Secret’, produced by Majid Owji and directed by Felora Sam, is a social drama.

In the series, Faramarz sustains a brain injury which puts him in a coma.

When he regains consciousness the doctors tell him he’s permanently lost his memory.

As he starts to put his life back together, Faramarz realizes it wasn't really much of a life.

After the divorce, he found himself without friends, and distant from his father.

With a clean slate, he might just be able to become a new man and start a new life.

But there is a hidden secret he knows nothing about and that could ruin his chances of ever being happy.

The series cast list includes Kamran TaftiAlireza Jalali-TabarDaryoush ArjmandElham HamidiShiva KhosromehrMahmoud AziziLadan TabatabeeLeila Boloukat, Parvaneh Masoumi, and Saeed Pour-Samimi.